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Twitter Marketing – What Your Business Needs To Do To Connect More On Twitter

Twitter Marketing – What Your Business Needs To Do To Connect More On Twitter
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”D3FDywzDDeI” title=”Twitter Marketing – What Your Business Needs To Do To Connect More On Twitter” upload_time=”2011-04-05T03:42:02.000Z” description=”Free Social Media Marketing To-Do List In Your Inbox Every Wednesday ” duration=”PT1M18S”]
Free Social Media Marketing To-Do List In Your Inbox Every Wednesday

24 Comments to Twitter Marketing – What Your Business Needs To Do To Connect More On Twitter

  1. LisaCorkern says:

    Yes great point…so MANY people make that mistake, and I have always hated
    it! Show yourself, not what you sell! But some will never learn! Lisa
    Corkern seacretdirect•com/lisacorkern

  2. Marlee Ward says:

    LMBO! Good demo Laura. Hahaha!

  3. bulbujas1 says:

    hi laura youre very funny and very intelligent maybe in the future we can
    make business about digital marketing nice to meet you

  4. llihkoorb says:

    Those are some great tips! Something I do is be a fan of a facebook page
    called “Fanswap Grow Your Page” and it has helped get me a lot of fans and
    valuable connections. Works great!

  5. gariouscom says:

    a thumbs up for this video, Laura. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on
    twitter marketing.

  6. Yelizaveta Jaczek says:

    Nice girl :). Thanks for video

  7. pixelatorNYC says:

    That was a great tip, thank you so much for sharing. Here is another one,
    always tell people your twitter address. For example, check out my twitter
    page @PixelatorNYC 🙂

  8. Idris Fashan says:

    What if I put my face on a bag on my face? 🙂

  9. Mali Ert says:

    Funny and nice explanation :)), thanks. “keep smiling :)”

  10. startupbuildervideos says:

    I like the way you presented this information in your video #UN#, quite
    engaging for the audience. More people need to make videos like this!

  11. NIKONGUY1960 says:

    Well put.

  12. SHEEPeros says:

    @AnEntrepreneursVlog Good point well made, but bear in mind she used the
    expression: “Your small business” somewhere during the video. I think that
    says it all

  13. Brad Jackson says:

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  14. bizbyrelationship says:

    That is really some great advice … I just went and change my twitter
    image … thanks … check it out what do you think?

  15. Dave Jones says:

    Absolutely brilliant video guys, I am loving the info that you are giving
    there! It is extremely related to my situation atm. Keep up the solid
    effort, we’re all in the independent business fight together!

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  17. James Contreras says:

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  20. Brian Uribe says:


  21. george saly says:

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  22. loveandskills says:

    your very cute <3!

  23. MyPageDotCom says:

    With the millions of Twitter users all around the globe, this video can
    really help. Instead of seating there and browsing what tweets can you
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  24. Erica Larson says:

    Do you feel that a picture of a person should be used for a larger company
    instead of the logo? Would you reccomend a picture of the President/CEO or
    of the social media person (me)?

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