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Twitter Marketing Expert

Twitter Marketing Expert
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”hRQaZmBFkkE” title=”Twitter Marketing Expert” upload_time=”2011-05-11T00:30:29.000Z” description=”Go Here: Also Here: Olivier Vasquez is a Twitter Marketing Expert; in some circles he is known as the Twitter marketing Boy Wonder. Olivier gets inondated” duration=”PT14M42S”]
Go Here:
Also Here:

Olivier Vasquez is a Twitter Marketing Expert; in some circles he is known as the Twitter marketing Boy Wonder.

Olivier gets inondated with thank yous on a day to day basis from all the people who see his free Videos on twitter marketing…

Marketing on twitter has made him popular in that niche and he only wishes to make you popular in your niche of choice using the same online platform.

Twitter Marketing is here to stay, watch the video to see the irrefutable proof that Twitter is growing at an alarming rate.

Olivier Has Finished a Twitter Marketing Course called the twitter phoenix System in November of 2010; That course is yet to be on the market, to find out more about that course, please visit:

For more about the Twitter Marketing Boy Wonder:

16 Comments to Twitter Marketing Expert

  1. Alec Gentile says:


  2. Ryne Schutt says:

    great work my man!

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  6. tarik ouziba says:

    do you now startige of ninge of twitter 

  7. tarik ouziba says:

    like nartou 

  8. Anne Rosalia says:

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  11. Jaye Cheríe says:

    I get what you are saying, Oliver but, as a Toastmaster, I can tell you it
    definitely has an effect on your message. I was distracted by all of the
    “right?” usage. If you don’t change anything else about your presentation,
    I kindly recommend that you change that, for the benefit of everyone
    listening to your video.

  12. MyPageDotCom says:

    It is a great video but mentioning the word “right” for countless of times
    did not make the video more correct. Thank you for this one, though. It is
    filled with information that can be very helpful. You created it a couple
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  13. Leo Spittles says:

    Great Video Boy Wonder

  14. Mehedi Hasan says:

    Oh great your twitter tutorial

  15. Sibani oli says:

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  16. Sea Son says:

    Great video. Amazing info ! ( But , please, just stop saying ” OK, Right ,
    OK, righ , OK, Right, OK….).
    Congratulations ! Your content is very Powerful !!!! All the best ! 

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