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25 Twitter Marketing Strategies: Twitter Marketing Plan Tutorial For Your Business To Get Retweets

25 Twitter Marketing Strategies: Twitter Marketing Plan Tutorial For Your Business To Get Retweets
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”MEf0HekbLXk” title=”25 Twitter Marketing Strategies: Twitter Marketing Plan Tutorial For Your Business To Get Retweets” upload_time=”2015-02-23T15:30:01.000Z” description=”This is a sample lecture from my big marketing strategies course with over 10 hours of content and 100+ lectures. The link to the full course is here: Here” duration=”PT28M18S”]
This is a sample lecture from my big marketing strategies course with over 10 hours of content and 100+ lectures. The link to the full course is here:

Here is my Amazon author page with the 6 books I wrote:

For more Twitter marketing strategy and overall marketing and business help, check out my apps, books and online courses for entrepreneurs:

In this video tutorial I present 25 Twitter marketing strategies that you can use to create a fantastic and professional marketing plan for Twitter, and really promote your business. The strategies I show will help you get retweets and raise your engagement by up to 1000%. Yes, that is more retweets and engagement by a thousand percent. If you think it is hard to believe, I agree. It might be hard to believe, but as you start to implement the strategies presented in this video, you will begin to get results like retweets, favorites, more followers and more engagement.

You will also begin seeing your hashtag marketing at work. In the video I explain how to use hashtags to get more exposure and retweets. I also explain how to stay up in the hashtag searches for hours while thousands of other tweets go by and only stay up there for seconds.

Additionally, many of the strategies presented in this video help you to incrementally increase engagement and retweets. And since there are 25 tips and techniques in this video, if you follow all or most of the strategies, you will see a compounded effect of raising your retweets and engagement by hundreds if not thousands of percent. This is what happened to my own tweeting after I started implementing the techniques that I show in this tutorial. The tips in this tutorial don’t just come from me. They come from industry research and data analytics by industry experts.

Additionally, if you are wondering how to get more Twitter followers, you can get more Twitter followers by leaving a comment on this tutorial with your Twitter handle so people can find you and follow you. It is my small gift to you to get you more Twitter followers.

Learn to promote your business on social media like a real professional. Take a look at this full video explaining how to promote your business on social media the way professional marketers and big businesses do it.

And if you liked this video with 25 Twitter marketing strategies, here is a video with 25 Facebook marketing strategies.

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  1. unemployedgeniuses says:

    Good stuff I will use this.

  2. Rajat Dutta says:

    @RajQuic- Content Marketer, Social Media Coach, and a Blogger.

  3. Nicholas Brown says:

    Professional Photographer @nicholasbrown83 – Trying to figure out twitter
    because facebook is starting to suck for marketing anything.

  4. Rajesh Namase says:

    @namaserajesh- Entrepreneur, Professional blogger and SEO. I blog at
    @TechLilaBlog. I tweet about blogging, SEO, WordPress, social media and web

  5. Alpha Fu says:

    @alpha_fu- Good tips thanks for your help.

  6. Nattydread781 says:

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    Great Video thanks for sharing :)

  7. TheSankofa KidsProject says:

    Great job!

  8. James Milford says:

    Great video – learn’t quite a lot from your advice and will use this when I
    create a Twitter account in the next business I work for! Keep up the
    videos and advice – *Thumbs Up symbol* :)

  9. Akash Tamang says:

    Hi sir I have a question what do you mean by cross promote other social
    media platforms e.g Facebook, LinkedIn?

  10. Jeremiah Leat says:

    @BlueCornerPT. A Bristol based Personal Trainer and business owner

  11. John Jurkiewicz says:

    @johnjurk – Career development, small business coach and consultant

  12. Pratik C. Ramteke says:

    Hello Sir,
    Your video has been quite helpful, and so I’d like to thank you for that

    Although if I may add, it would be great to see you mention those few app
    names and tools in your description. I mean no offence, but I’m an Indian
    and found it a little difficult to understand your pronunciation of certain
    words. So I feel it would be great if you could just mention the links to
    those tools/apps in the description as it would provide us a direct source
    to more learning opportunities.

    Hope this is taken in the right spirit. Your video has been very educative
    and I’d love to be as aware as you are about SM Mktg.

    Pratik C. Ramteke

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  19. mswilma2 says:

    @naturespower1 – Thank you for the great tips! I am very new to Twitter, am
    a Baby Boomer, but LOVE tech. Into health, natural products, essential
    oils, and responsible stewardship of the Earth. Ok, I’ll just say it, I’m
    an old hippy tree hugger. Health and Wellness + Business opportunity. I am
    now subscribed to your channel to learn more!

  20. teuqna says:

    Hey thanks so much
    This was a really good video for me as I am just starting out in the online
    marketing world. Could you link ur Twitter so I can tweet about you. Cheers

  21. Mindsaw says:

    great tips!

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