Tooth Extraction Prevention Tips for All Ages

Broken or infected teeth are extracted from the mouth to prevent toothaches and pain as well as infections of other teeth and gum disease. Although no one wants to experience a tooth extraction north charleston, it is the only option left when the tooth is beyond repair. That’s why visiting the dentist on a regular basis before there is trouble is so important. It may prevent the need for an extraction and further oral health concerns.

Go to the Dentist; Keep Your Teeth

Everyone should visit the dentist. Kids and adults of all ages thrive when they visit the dentist twice per year, following the ADA recommendations. Babies should make their first dental visit by the age of one, or when the first tooth erupts from the mouth. Regular dental visits prevent cavities and other oral health problems, including tooth extractions.

Prevent Dental Problems & Tooth Extractions

A few tips that can reduce the risks of oral health problems severe enough to warrant an extraction:

·    Brush your teeth twice per day using a fluoridated toothpaste.

·    Help smaller children brush their teeth.

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·    Brush the teeth for two minutes each session. Don’t forget to floss.

·    Heed the advice provided by the dentist at each exam.

·    Do not ignore toothaches or oral trouble between the twice yearly visits. Make a dental appointment at the first sign of pain.

·    Choose the drinks and foods that you consume wisely since carbs, sugars, and other ingredients may contribute to tooth damage and cavities.

Does Insurance Cover a Tooth Extraction?

If you are covered by dental insurance, the cost of an extraction may be paid for under your policy. However, if you lack insurance or if it is not a covered service, the low costs of the service ensure that it is one that you can afford.

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